Also known as the 201 peels, the medium peels are customized to meet each individual skin concern with moderate peel solution  using medium concentration of enzymes and acids that focus on correcting problematic skin conditions such as acne, aging, hyper-pigmentation and even sensitive skin.

They are formulated with higher concentrations of enzymes and natural acids to provide moderate exfoliation that assists with the removal of dead skin cells, deep pore congestion and skin discoloration.

These professional only peels are ideal for progressing your rejuvenation results to the next level of skin health. The medium peels which we carry at Flawless Skin by Abby medspa include the herbal peel, pumpkin peel, retinol peel, lactic peel and glycolic peel.

The herbal peel is a soothing, all natural Herbal Enzyme peel which smooths and hydrates the skin. It works by hydrolyzing hard, dry, dead skin cells and nourishing new, healthy cells for a renewed and deeply hydrated, soft, radiant glow.

The pumpkin enzyme peel clarifies the skin. It works by dissolving and removing dead cells to clear clogged pores, reduce oil and heal acne breakouts for a clean, clear, healthy look and feel. medium peels

The retinol peel is perfect for strengthening the integrity of your skin. It works to accelerate new cell growth, regulate collagen synthesis and improve the skin’s moisture barrier for rejuvenating dry, devitalized skin.

The lactic peel helps rejuvenate sensitive skin. It works as an excellent alternative to Glycolic Peels to remove dead skin cells without disrupting the natural moisturizing factor of the skin for a healthy, hydrated, renewed surface.

The glycolic peel refines the skin’s texture and  works to accelerate exfoliation and stimulate the cell renewal process lightening age spots, clearing congested pores and stimulating collagen for a tight, firm, youthful look.

Duration of Procedure – 50 mins

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