Suitable for – All skin types

Butt Facial!

“Who does facials on the butt? Is this even possible?”

When you think of facials, what often comes to mind is the pampering you give to your face at a spa. This is why the questions above aren’t misplaced.

In response, butt facials are a thing. It is possible to have this done especially if you have experienced those tiny outbreaks that appear on your butt cheeks after spending hours sitting in one place for a long time.

How the Butt Facial is done.

The skin is first cleansed and toned after which it is thoroughly exfoliated to remove all dead skin cells in it. A peel is then applied to the skin followed by other procedures and ending with a soothing moisturizer.Butt facial

The degree of pain felt is mild to medium and totally dependent on the individual. However, after this procedure, expect to leave our spa with baby fresh buttocks. Who knows, you might be tempted to do an impromptu beach visit just to show off your baby soft derriere!

Duration of Procedure – 45 minutes

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