A Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is what you need if you desire to get bigger buttocks without using foreign materials. This procedure uses fat from your body to give your butt a more sculpted look.

How is the Brazilian butt lift done?

Fat is taken from other parts of the body where they are not wanted. This fat is then injected into the butt and shaped into the desired look of the client. Locations where fat can be taken are the stomach and/of the thighs.

Is this procedure safe?

Because it uses fat from the body as against using silicone implant like the traditional butt lift, the Brazilian butt lift is a relatively safe procedure to do.

Who is a good candidate for the Brazilian butt lift?

Anyone who has more than enough fat on other parts of the body but not enough in the butt area, is a good candidate. Before the procedure is done, it is important that the client has enough fat that can be transferred from the parts of the body where the fat is not needed, to the butt.

Before the procedure is done, clients are required to have a comprehensive consult with our plastic surgeon.

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