The mommy makeover helps to restore the shape and appearance of a woman’s body after childbearing. The parts of the body restored include the breasts and the abdomen (tummy). During pregnancy and breast-feeding, the breasts will also enlarge, increasing as much as a full cup size or more. However, returning back to ‘normal’ can mean a significant loss in breast volume and noticeable sagging.

Throughout a pregnancy, the abdominal muscles, skin and tissues stretch to safely accommodate the growing baby. Unfortunately, after childbirth, these layers may not bounce back to their taut, pre-baby shape.

Who needs a Mommy Makeover?

Any mother is qualified for this makeover. All mothers deserve to feel good about their bodies and this can easily be done at Flawless Skin by Abby Medspa

What does the Mommy Makeover Entail?

This makeover may include breast lift/reduction, tummy tuck and a liposuction amongst other things.

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