Suitable for – All skin types

PRP is an acronym for Platelet-Rich Plasma. It is also commonly called the Vampire Facial. This procedure is one of our favorite to do because of the tremendous effect it has on the skin. The procedure involves taking blood from your body and basically injecting it back into your face.

It is supposed to aid with the skin cell turnover and boost the production of collagen. 
Your blood contains plasma which is so rich in platelets. The platelets are also very rich in proteins and growth hormones which help the healing of wounds. Because of the daily stress that our facial skin faces most often, it does not always get as much protein as it should. This is where the PRP procedure comes in. The plasma is taken from your blood and with the help of microneedles, is fed to your face (or hair).
More interesting is that it can be used for hair and skin therapy as it is an excellent hair rejuvenating procedure.

Is this procedure painful?

What is pain when we have numbing creams? To answer your question, it is not painful. You will feel some action going on your skin going on your skin but that is just it, no pain!


Are there any side effects?

Asides the mild tingling sensation felt during the procedure, you may have two to three days of face reddening and flaking. Thereafter your skin begins to look so much better.
Your skin will also feel very tight immediately after the procedure but do not worry, you will surely feel the wonderful effect of your PRP facial when all is said and done.
Duration of Procedure – 45 minutes
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