Many women experience vaginal muscle stretching especially after birthing child(ren) and as they age. This may cause them to feel very insecure and less confident sexually. Our ThermIva treatment at Flawless Skin by Abby medspa, is made for you if you fall in this category.Vagina Rejuvenation with Thermiva

ThermIva is a non-surgical, non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation treatment that uses controlled radiofrequency energy to gently heat tissue, without discomfort or downtime.

During the ThermIva treatment, you lie on your back while the doctor uses a small handheld thin wand on the outside and inside of the vagina to gently warm tissue. It is a totally painless procedure.

A complete course consists of three (3) treatments. This means that treatment is spread across three months.

Time Duration – 45 minutes 

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