Vampire Facial: What is the fuss about?

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August 13, 2018
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A while ago Kim Kardashian flaunted her ‘vampire facial’ picture, and certainly there have been a lot of advances since then. The ‘vampire facial’ is actually called the PRP treatment which stands for Platelet Rich Plasma and this plasma comes from your blood.

The human body is an interesting thing to study. Different components, for instance, come together to make up what we physically see as blood.

These components include the red blood cell, white blood cell, platelets and the plasma. The plasma is the liquid portion of the blood that the other components are suspended in. Plasma is responsible for blood clotting and it provides a defense against infections.

It makes up the largest percentage (55%) of total blood volume and is composed of 90% water, salts, lipids and hormones and especially rich in very important proteins including albumin.

How is the Vampire Facial done?

Blood collection – In this first step, the client’s blood is collected into a sterile container containing an anticoagulant.

Spining – It is then spun under high speed in a centrifuge to separate the components of the blood.

Collection – The plasma containing platelets is collected and transferred into another container. This is the main ingredient required for the facial.

Injection – The plasma is then incorporated into the skin with a microneedling pen.

Is the procedure painful?

No it is not. A topical numbing cream is applied to the skin and this causes the client to feel no pain during the entire procedure.

How long does the facial last?

The entire procedure after blood collection lasts about 45 minutes to one hour.

What are the benefits of a vampire facial?

The plasma taken from your blood contains your natural rejuvenation properties and growth factors. The growth factors are what naturally heal your body when you have an injury. By putting these back onto your face as part of the vampire facial we can naturally rejuvenate your skin. This treatment can be used for skin rejuvenation on face, skin texture, wrinkle, and stimulates hair growth.

Side effects?

There are really no unbearable side effects reported for the vampire facial asides skin redness from microneedling. The redness (or swelling) is a result of having the microneedles cause friction on the skin and this goes down in a few hours.

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